Guest Post: Thrift Finds

Since Kellie showed you her new table I thought it might be fun to show you mine. Warren made it for me last fall and, although the table top is made exactly the same way as Kellie’s, you’ll notice that the end result is quite different.

We (Kellie and I) both appreciate each others taste and style and certainly enjoy treasure hunting together but the way our houses end up looking is quite different.  Really, that’s part of the joy of it – finding things that the other would fall in love with and playing around with a style that is different from our own.  Anyway, you’ll see the differences in our styles by viewing our tables!

We both had the same great craftsman to build them though!  A smart decision I made many years ago!

I Thought I would also show you some of my latest “great” finds.

Just yesterday, while Kellie and I were out and about, I found these chairs:

Perfect!  And the price was even better.  I offered the guy $80 for 8 chairs and he took it!

Four of them are still painted and four of them natural (with no finish) . Apparently someone started stripping them and got tired of it.  What do you think – paint them or finish stripping them and then lime them like the table top?  They are oak (like the top of the table).

Love the legs and the back detail.

I have also found some chairs that I could use at both ends of the table.  They have the same legs, with arms and upholstered backs and seats.  They are not oak and not as good of a price!  (Although a steal according to the prices at Scott’s last weekend!)  Should I do that or go with a fully upholstered chair like a wing back?  Give me some feedback!

And look at this great find:

7 double rolls of this wallpaper for $35!  I’m thinking  (possibly) the dining room.  We are drawing up some plans for our kitchen/dining room remodel right now.  It will be a while before it’s done but I love the dreaming process too….

We found this great range/oven on Craigslist for $300 last week.  It needs cleaning up but it’s in great shape.  Gas cook top with an electric/convection oven.  Now we have all the appliances except the microwave….  all from shopping around for good deals of course!

Kellie comes by her thriftiness naturally.