The Making Of A Table: Finished!!!

The day has finally come… I have finished my table! I’m so excited and thrilled with the results. I moved it into the dining room on Friday and throughout the weekend I had to walk into the room occasionally just to take a peek at it. I have been waiting for this day for quite some time. And now I get to share it with you!!!

What do you think? I love that it brings some light wood color into the room. I also love the dark gray of the sawhorses.

To finish it off, I cleaned it really good. Then I applied a wood lye (left over from my parents wood flooring project) because I wanted the wood to stay as close to the natural color as possible. After that dried, I applied tons of coats of SeaFin teak oil. This finish is awesome because it seals and protects the wood from moisture. That way, if someone leaves a glass of water on the table and it sweats it won’t leave a ring. Pretty sweet stuff!

On the underside of the table, my Dad had made spots to secure the sawhorses in place. They also keep the table together :)

I bought the trestle legs from Ikea for $15 each. I actually bought them in the natural finish and spray painted them in a really awesome metallic gray color. I love how they turned out!

The dining room is getting closer to completion now. Although I’m sure once I finish everything I will have new projects to tackle!

I actually really like the color of the dark chairs with the new table but I only have 6 of them. The other 4 chairs are white. I’m still pondering what I’m going to do but I’m leaning toward painting all of them white because I really want them all to match. But the gray of the trestles is a pretty great color too…

I also would like to paint the console. My original plan was to paint the console gray and the chairs white but I just might switch the two… we shall see.

Ahhhhh… it’s nice to have it done. I’m in love :)

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