Yellow Lamp

A couple of years ago, I found this cool lamp while garage saling for 50 cents. Even though it no longer had a base, I had to take it home with me and see if there was something I could do with it. I loved the color and I have always liked this style. So, for the past couple of years it has been sitting in my basement waiting to be transformed into something usable. This week was the week that I got to working on it because I have plans for this little bad boy.

Here is a close up of the baseless base :)

First, I cut a block of wood to size and then sanded it smooth and drilled a hole in the top center. Then I put a few coats of finish on it:

And the lamp fits right in… imagine that!

Here it is with a little bit more style :)

Not bad for a 50 cent lamp and a scrap piece of wood! And I have just the spot for it but the spot isn’t ready for the lamp yet… but it will be soon :)