Gallery Wall Update 2

I added a few more things to my gallery walls this morning. Slowly but surely… I have talked about Vintage Printables before and I was just browsing around on there the other day and came across a few butterfly prints. I loved the colors that were in them and so I thought I might end up using one. Then, yesterday on Little Green Notebook, Jenny did a whole post on framed butterflies. That’s when I decided I must choose one and include it in my gallery. Here is the one I chose:

I love all of the greens and since I have some green in the living room, I thought it would be nice to tie it in on the gallery wall as well. I also was working on a little project for the wall last week and so when I hung the butterflies I hung this new one:

I had in mind to ombre some paper. It worked pretty well, I might have to try it again sometime. It did make the paper curl a bit but I just ironed it with my iron and all was well. Then, using my typewriter, I typed out the lyrics to Happy Together by the Turtles. Because of the lyrics, I knew I needed a photo of the two of us right next to it:

The photo was taken a couple of years ago by our friends Rich and Heather Smith. I really would like to mat the picture but I didn’t have one on hand this morning so it will have to wait until I go to the store :) I have a few more other mats to buy for the gallery wall as well.

For now, I have 4 frames done, 5 to go. Like I said, slowly but surely. I will eventually get there!

I’m definitely needing some more photos. But the photos are waiting until I get some mats. It’s okay, I’m content with taking things slow :)