How Does Your Garden Grow: Flowers!

I’m still watching my garden grow and I’m still surprised I have enjoyed it as much as this. This past week was fun because I saw my first flowers open up in my grill planter box. My plants have all gotten a lot bigger since the last time I shared and I have now had to deal with bugs as well. I’m learning so much as I go and next year will be even better since I will have some experience under my belt.

See how big my tomato plant is now? It even has some buds which is very exciting! They seem to be thriving and I’m very thankful. I recently replotted them into a large pot and soon I will put a cage around it. I really can’t wait to eat that first tomato…

Can you see the first tiny little white blooms on the Alyssum? If you can’t see them, here is a close-up:

Super cute!!

Here is the bummer bug problem. They have found my spinach and so I have now applied bug killer and hopefully they will be gone soon. Drat those pesky bugs!

As for my new herbs, they are coming up nicely. Considering I only planted them 6 days prior to this photo I was happy to see some new little starts of the basil. And then today, I noticed the cilantro coming up as well. I love it when they are this tiny, they are so cute.

And in other news, working on the table has begun again. I took quite a long break from working on it. One of the reasons is I was trying to figure out what color to make it. And you know how that always stumps me. I’m always worried I will make the wrong decision. So I have finally chosen and I’m working on it now. I’m really hoping to have it finished by the end of the week and in the dining room. I have already put one coat of finish on and I’m working on painting the legs today. I might actually get this thing done :)

Thanks for your advice on the bathroom by the way. I think I might have a winner… stay tuned!!