Ideas For The Bathroom

Hello and happy Friday to you all! It’s been a good week so far, my husband even let me sleep in today which was wonderful! But now, it’s back to work :) I am thinking about doing a little project in my bathroom and I would like you all to chime in with your opinion if you don’t mind…

I have been steadily working at tagging all of the previous posts for this blog so you can search for things more easily. That means that I have to do each post individually. I could just blitz through and do them all at once but I can only handle so much monotony per day so I have been doing about 20 posts a day. I should be done in a week or so… yay!! Anyway, yesterday as I was going through them, I came across this post where I blogged about some scrapbooking pages I had done. For some reason, seeing this page that I made 3 years ago stopped me in my tracks:

It wasn’t because of the page that I had to take a second look but because of the paper. I have been thinking about doing a pattern on the wall in the guest bathroom for a while now and just couldn’t decide what I wanted. Then when I saw the above page, I just knew it was the right thing. Now that I have repainted the bathroom, it’s a bit more subdued. It needs a little something to bump it up a notch. You can see pictures of what the bathroom looks like here. I would just like to put the pattern on the wall with the mirror. And If I really like it, maybe it will make its appearance on another wall in the adjoining room (the guest bathroom is actually two connected rooms). The reason I was super excited about this paper was because it reminded me of the wallpaper designed by Joy Cho which I am totally in love with. Here is the one I really love, in 3 different colors:

If you want to purchase these, you can find themat Hygge & West. Isn’t my scrapbook paper somewhat similar?

Anyway, here is where I need your help. I’m not sure what color to go with. The bathroom is a light gray so the background will be this color with a different color making the pattern. I’m going to use paint markers to draw it on again (since it seems to work so well for me!). I really love the gold but I have already used gold in the hallway which is right next to the bathroom. Would that be too much, or should I just go for it because I love it? I also could make the pattern white. But, would that be too subtle? Then there is always silver or gray as well…

Ahhhh, I need help! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I would appreciate it very much :)