Fringe Card and CD envelope

Since today is a holiday and I get to spend the whole day with my sweetheart, I am going to make this little post short and sweet. I think you all know that I do some photography from time to time and last weekend, some friends of ours renewed their vows and I took pictures for them of the little ceremony. It was such a sweet time and I love getting to be behind the lens for moments like those. Anyway, I was burning a CD for them of the images and I made a little CD envelope for it to go in and I thought I would share it with you. I actually made two envelopes because I owed a CD to someone else to for pictures of the birthday party from February… oops, I’m a bit late on that one :)

For the front, I cut a piece of fabric using pinking shears. Then, using a glue stick, I glued it on. I printed the little labels onto graph paper and adhered them with washi tape.

For the back I printed another graph paper label and adhered it with washi tape. I also sealed it with washi tape (man I love that stuff!).

I included a little card in the package as well:

I got the idea for the fringe card from here. I think it could use a bit more tweaking to make it just right but it was a good first try. I also created the little envelope out of wrapping paper.

I just finished baking and photographing a recipe I’m going to share with you tomorrow. The whole house smells wonderful! So stay tuned :)