DIY: State Art

Little by little I am adding to my gallery wall. I guess that is kind of how I do things around here, I add things slowly. But I kind of like it that way, because things are always evolving and changing. If I did everything at once then I wouldn’t have anything left to do :) So yesterday, I did a really quick little art project for my gallery wall.

As you may remember, the wall started off with the frames up but nothing in them. I was trying to decide if I wanted only pictures or a mixture of pictures and art. I have decided that I want the mixture, black and white pictures with colorful art. Some art I will DIY, some I might find at thrift stores, and some I would like to purchase from Etsy. But I am going to be very selective and so the purchases will probably only happen occasionally when I see something I really must have.

A while ago, I saw this print on Pinterest which is from Etsy:

Super cute right? You can find the print here. I loved the sentiment and the idea of it so I decided to do a similar version myself. I changed the wording and the color and this is what I got:

Since Oregon is where we grew up together and fell in love, I wanted to incorporate it onto our wall. We now have our first piece of art! Yay :) One down…eight to go! Here it is, a bit farther away:

Eventually, all of those empty frames will become full. And, the gallery will keep growing. I recently found 3 more frames to add, they just need a bit of spray paint. So as I said, it’s coming along, just slowly :)