Pinterest Love

Is there anyone out there who has not heard of Pinterest yet? I have been hearing about it for a long time now but have been a bit resistant to join simply because I already use Image Spark (you can read about my love affair with Image Spark here). A few weeks ago I finally joined the Pinterest world and while I still use and love Image Spark, I now have two places that I keep track of inspiring images.

I actually have to be very disciplined. It’s super easy to get lost in Pinterest and find yourself spending waaaaaaaay too much time browsing other boards and images. There are just so many fun ideas and I might want to add them to my collection so I have to keep checking, right?! Here are some pictures that I have added to my boards:

Isn’t this lovely? I have a board for bedrooms and I collect every inspiring bedroom image that I can find.

I also have a board for living rooms. I think this blue living room is gorgeous!

I keep a board for outdoors. I would love to have a space like this!

It’s also handy to have a board for colors and patterns that inspire me. I love this color combo and I think it would work really well in my own living room.

I’m sure you aren’t surprised to learn that I have a board for DIY projects. I really love this side table made from a lampshade frame.

It is surprising to me that I have a recipe board as well since I normally don’t like to cook all that much. I have made a few changes to our diet recently and now I have really been enjoying cooking. I just hope the enjoyment lasts :) And don’t these oreo cookies baked into chocolate chip cookies sound amazing? I really will try these someday!

I have a board that I collect images of different typography things as well. I really love this poster, it cracks me up!

Another board I really enjoy adding to is clothing inspiration. It’s sort of like shopping, except instead of taking it home with me, I just pin the stuff I wish I could buy. Like this super cute dress from Madewell. Love it!

I have a bunch more boards that I haven’t listed here but you get the idea. Have I convinced you to join yet? It really is fun… but also addicting. So don’t say I didn’t warn you! You can now head on over to Pinterest and request an account and start pinning. Just to let you know, it takes a little bit to get an account once you request one. I think it took me about 1 week or so. But the wait is totally worth it. I have a new love :)