Before & After: Floral Skirt

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I had a good one full of friends and rainy weather of which I love :) I’m sorry for the late post today, the internet at our house has only been working sporadically today so I haven’t been able to post but it seems to be fine now. Today I just have a quick little post featuring a thrift store find made chic.

First of all, I would like to apologize for the terrible pictures you are about to see. They are all grainy and bad but hopefully you will still get the idea :) I took each one of them in not so good conditions and I don’t really feel like retaking them. I know, I’m lazy. It’s terrible :) With that said, here we go…

I found this skirt at Goodwill on the half off day so it was only $2. I have really been wanting a floral skirt and I keep seeing them everywhere (like these: Urban Outfitters, Urban Outfitters, Forever21). So when I saw this one at Goodwill, I knew it could work for me:

I wasn’t really diggin’ the length of it (although there is one here that is very similar) but the tiny floral pattern was perfect and so was the fit. Thankfully, the easiest part to fix is the length. And no, I’m not planning on wearing that shirt with it. It’s just what I happened to have on when I took this picture right before I was ready to cut it off :) After a little bit of cutting and hemming, the skirt was ready to go. I will be honest though, this little bugger was a pain to hem. I’m not even sure why, but it was really hard to cut a straight line in this material but it was worth it because I love the after.

I totally look like I am staring off into space in this picture. Haha :) I’m still working on what the ideal shirt is for this skirt, I might have to be on the hunt for something better. I guess this shirt works for now but it’s not my favorite. I wore it with some yellow heels to spice it up but you can see them in the pictures. And here is a picture when I’m standing a bit farther away:

So what do you think? Is it as good as the skirts from Urban Outfitters? I think so and I’m happy to have found it for only $2! This skirt isn’t the only one I found. I have a few more that I need to do some minor alterations to and I’m looking forward to it. It still amazes me to be able to update my wardrobe for just a couple of dollars here and there. I have found a bunch of skirts, now I need to find some more tops. Believe me, I am on the lookout :)