Thrift Finds 05.12.11

Once again, the first Saturday of the month rolled around and I had to make my way to Goodwill and check it out since everything is 50% on that particular Saturday. We actually have two Goodwills in town and I always have to check out both of them. A couple of weeks ago I also went thrifting with a friend and so I have a few finds from that day thrown in as well. Are you ready? Here we go…

I found this wonderful wool blanket for $2! I have been looking and wanting one of these for a long time. I really would prefer one in gray so I can use it in my bedroom but when I saw this one for $2 I couldn’t pass it up. Plus, it is a Hudson Bay which is even better. You can find these bad boys on Etsy and other places that sell vintage anywhere from $60 to $150 so I thought my $2 blanket was a pretty sweet deal. In fact, while I was paying for it the guy behind me had to check to see if it was Hudson Bay and then proceeded to tell me how much it was worth (which I already knew since I’d been wanting one) and how he wished he had found it before me. Check out some pictures of how wool blankets are used in rooms here, here, and here. Since it is red I will have to rethink my original intended use for it, but believe me, I will find a place for it in my home!

I found this set of 4 napkins at Goodwill and only paid $1.18 for them. Sweet! I really like them as napkins but I just might turn them into pillows since I think I would get more use out of them. The funny thing about these is my Mom and I saw them at an Antique store a few months ago and really liked them. So now I wonder if they didn’t sell there so the dealer dropped them off at Goodwill. I will have to go and check the antique store to see if they are missing :)

Love this wood pound sign. It looks handmade from solid wood and I think it’s super. There were actually two of them there ($2 each) but I only picked up one. Now I kind of wish I would have bought the other one too. Why didn’t I? Silly me :)

Wooden pear for 30 cents. I’m kind of thinking it might end up with a coat of spray paint. What do you think?

Isn’t this little ceramic owl the cutest thing you have ever seen? He’s really tiny and I only paid 10 cents for him. I’m wondering if he is an egg cup because of the little crown on his head. I’m not sure but I do know he’s adorable!!

And my last find, which I will admit, is very quirky. But there was just something about this painting that drew me to it, and also the 50 cent price tag :) I’m not sure yet where it will end up but I had to bring it home to give it a shot. It was painted in 1961. I love it when there is info on the back!

So that is pretty much it! I also found some fun clothes but they all need to be remixed a little so I will just post them when they are completed. That way you can see the before and after. I hope you are all having a splendid week. I’m off to do some more spray painting for a project I’m working on. Hopefully it will turn out well :)