A New Name, A New Look

Today is an exciting day for me! Some of you may have noticed that we have done a little blog update. It has been in the works for quite sometime and we have finally finished and you can now see the new look! When I say “we”, I actually mean my husband since he is the one that has actually done all of the hard work. I just got to do the fun stuff like design the floral header and choose slightly different colors. Mostly though, the new format largely only affects me since we are now using a different blog platform and it is way cooler and easier to use. It feels like a holiday for me!!

A couple things to note… We are no longer using “dykast.us/scraplog” and have switched entirely to “dykast.us”. This is for a couple of reasons. Number one, we never updated dykast.us in its previous state (I mean n-e-v-e-r) and I use scraplog almost everyday. Now the title is shorter and easier to give out and remember. Secondly, I started scraplog to show pictures of my scrapbook pages but it became much more beyond scrapbooking so the title no longer fit. I mulled over new titles for quite some time and decided to just keep dykast.us as the blog address and then title my blog the girl on the go. So, if you use Google Reader or something like it, don’t forget to change your subscription to dykast.us/feed. If you do end up going to dykast.us/scraplog, it will just redirect you to dykast.us. If you are using Google Reader, go to the blog here and check it out, let me know what you think!

Why the girl on the go? That is a nickname that Jason calls me. He says I am constantly going from one thing to another and I thought it was appropriate to title my blog that since I document all of my crazy ways here on the blog. I actually really like the new title and I feel like it encompasses all I do. What do you think of it?

Another cool thing that is coming is tags. At the top of the blog you can see a new tab called Tags. This is still a work in progress because I have to manually go through and tag all previous posts but soon you will be able to click on Tags and then choose what you want to view. For example, if you want to view all DIY posts, you can! Yay! I know this is a feature that I use all the time on other blogs so I wanted you to be able to enjoy that feature as well. I’m also having to update the Freebies tab and the About tab so bear with me while I get all of this stuff finished.

If you notice anything crazy going on, please let me know! We want to make sure we have all of the bugs worked out :)

Change is in the air. Even though it is a small thing, it makes me excited. How about you?