Guest Post: Master Bedroom

Although I am still not back from Brazil I thought I could let Kellie take you on a tour of our Master bedroom (I remembered that she had taken pictures of it before we left).

Here are some before pictures:

There are still a lot of things that I want to do to it but the room has come a long ways from what it was to begin with. It had multiple layers of wallpaper and believe me they were on there to stay! Warren and I started the sanding and peeling process and then Jason finished it up. That poor guy! I really believe it has been the worst job so far on this house and I’m still not sure how he got roped into doing it! He sanded and sanded and sanded those walls AND it turned out wonderfully!

Once again, we did the floors, changed out the closet doors and hardware and painted the windows. I painted the room in the same color that I had done the grandkids room .

The chandelier is one that I had brought from Oregon. I had bought it to go over our master bathroom’s tub and we sold the house without ever taking it out of the box! I bought it at Lowes on clearance for $50. The majority of the stuff for this room I had bought in Oregon. We had done an addition on our house of a Master suite and I had just bought new linens and such for it and felt I needed to use them again.

The pillow shams were bought at Z Gallery and last time I checked they still have them available. The patterned comforter was bought here in Tennessee at Marshalls when we came for the first time to visit Jason and Kellie! The throw pillows and rug were bought from TJ Maxx and Ross.

You’ll be able to tell how much I love those two stores because as I list where things come from I realize most of the non-essentials in this room comes from one of those two stores!

The dresser was a fun find at one of the re-sale shops in Cleveland called The Store. I’m not really in to the Mid-century modern furniture like Kellie but I like a little bit of it and I was overjoyed to find this piece! It’s well made with pull-out drawers in the upper part and it was still in excellent condition. I paid $125 for it.

The mirror over the dresser was another item from TJ Maxx on clearance for $44. The vases were ones I had from Oregon that I grouped together in this house. The owl was from Ross and was $8. The wooden box is actually a tea box that I use for my earrings and rings. I love the sleekness of it.

The curtains were something that I had found for $10 each at Ross. I like the color in here but the curtains themselves are not my favorite. But I had them so they will do for now. The blinds came from Lowes.

The mirrored nightstand was a gift from Warren for my 50th birthday. I had found it months before and he remembered that I wanted it! It came from Z Gallery. I still love it although I don’t think that it’s the best place for it as it’s hidden away back in the corner!!! The lamp is an antique that I have had for many years. The hour glasses came from TJ Maxx and Kohls. The little statues are collectables that I picked up for $2 each at an antique store that Warren and I happened upon one day when we were out buying a tool for Warren’s shop.

The green chair was bought many years ago in Boise when I was shopping with one of my sisters. She brought it out to Oregon with her on her next trip riding on the passenger front seat! I don’t remember exactly what I paid for it but I did think it was too much at the time! I still love it though so I’m thinking whatever it cost, it was worth it!

The stand beside it was also something that I already owned. The lamp was one I found at a discount store in Cleveland for 2.99! And the shade was found at another discount store for $2! Not bad!!!

I have more things I want to do for this room. I already have the fabric (that Kellie found at a thrift store while I was in Brazil last time) to recover a headboard that I picked up at Habitat for Humanity thrift store for $25. Maybe that will be one of my projects when I get back….

Anyway, that’s our room and it makes me a little bit anxious to get back to it……