Mother’s Day Card 2011

With Mother’s Day coming up, here is a simple card that can be altered by you to add your personal touch for your mom.

Here is how the card looks when it comes straight off your printer:

There are two versions, one black and white, and one with a splash of green. They are both on the file and print two to a page. They fit in a standard size invitation envelope.

Here is the first one, after I dressed it up a bit:

I added the scallop detail with a black pen and the orange buttons. Then, I added some fun paper to the inside of the envelope.

For the second card I simply added some washi tape and some paper to the inside of the envelope as well.

I think they both turned out pretty cute and took less than five minutes to make once they were printed. All you have to do is print, cut 1/8 of an inch off both long sides, then cut in half so each card is 5.5” tall. Make sense? Here is the pdf for you to print.

I would appreciate if you only use these for personal use :)

Happy crafting for your moms!!