Moving My Studio

I moved my studio this past weekend. I have had my work studio in the basement since 2007 and recently I’ve had in mind to move it. We have four bedrooms in our house (not counting the Library); our room, the guest room, my craft room, and the catch-all room. The catch-all room I loosely call my sewing room but I don’t actually do any sewing in there, I mostly just store stuff in it. So I decided to finally make it useful and move my studio to it. I’m very happy I did :)

The basement area felt very uninspiring to me. There are no windows so it can feel gloomy. The main reason I made it work is because Jason’s office (aka the Library) is down there (although he has a window) and it was nice to be in the same area. Now that my studio is upstairs, it feels bright and cheery even though, as of now, there is little color. Amazing what a little sunlight can do! Here is a little tour of my new space:

Previously, this storage unit was made into two parts and stacked side-by-side with a table top on it so I could package things up. I realized I don’t need it like that anymore and so, to save space, I stacked them on top of one another. The unit was originally gray but I spray painted it white. Almost every thing I use for every jot & tittle fits on that unit.

Around the corner is my desk. I placed it right in front of the window so I could enjoy the light. I usually wouldn’t want my monitor to be seen from a window but this faces the backyard and we have a very private backyard so it should be fine :)

The wall color is pretty blah. When we moved into the house all of the walls were painted this color. We have since painted over all of them except for this room and the hallway. At first I wanted to paint it but now I’m kind of enjoying it because the room feels very fresh and serene. I’m hoping to add pops of color in accessories. I need to start collecting!

Another look at my desk. I found the rug at a thrift store a while ago for $5 and I think it brings the perfect pop of color. Eventually, I would like to move my new computer into this room and get rid of this old one but since I’m switching from a PC to a Mac, I still have some programs that I need to repurchase for the new one. I will get there someday :)

A look at the end of the storage unit. I realized I could utilize two sides of it and it makes for easy access.

This cabinet used to be in the dining room and has now found its home here. I still need to rearrange stuff on this little guy. I’m hoping to use it for sewing stuff since this room sort of does double duty.

I also need to take care of this area. The dresser will go but the little shelf cabinet will stay and I need get to work refolding and organizing my fabric so it looks nicer :) Then I need to clean out the closet because it is a mess! Or should I say MESS?!! Yes, it’s such a disaster it deserves capital letters to describe it :)

And lastly, you can see I’m not the only one enjoying the new room:

Sydney immediately had to come in and find a spot to sleep on the new rug after thoroughly investigating the rest of it.

So, what’s lacking? I need to bring up my inspiration board and some other stuff for the walls and bring in some more color in accessories and such. But for now, I’m just happy to be upstairs!

Just to let you know, this week and next week might be a little sparse on posts because I am working on getting ready to have a garage sale which means I am not doing as many projects as usual. But, I do have a guest post coming up this week, yay! So stay tuned!