Sewing: Orange Skirt

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been in a sewing mood. I kind of go in spells with what hobby I am interested in and right now it’s sewing. There are so many different projects I have been wanting to try and with the changing of the seasons, it seems like a good time to start making skirts. Plus, I have been watching Project Runway on Hulu (which I have never watched before) and that has totally been making me want to sew! I just wish I had more skills.

So yesterday, I made a skirt. I started off with this tutorial but didn’t really follow it completely. I sort of made my own rules as I went and this is what I ended up turning out:

Mostly, I used the concept from the tutorial but I didn’t make mine as full, there is no tie, and I added pockets and a lining. I really like how it turned out. I actually didn’t have enough material for the waistband so that is how I ended up using stripes and I’m glad because it really adds to it.

This skirt sits at my natural waist and falls to just below my finger tips. I think it will be fun for summer. Now I just have to figure out what shirt to where with it :)

And the back:

I like the exposed zipper. And I used a red zipper so it stands out just a bit. I think it’s fun.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make a tutorial because I thought I was just going to follow the other one but then I started making things up. It’s kind of what I do when I sew :) Sometimes things turn out and sometimes, they don’t. Like a skirt I made this past weekend. I’m now in the process of ripping it apart and starting over because I made it too full. Hopefully it will be really cute when I am done and worth all of the extra work :)