04.25.11 Thrifted Finds

I think that thrifting is addicting. The more deals I find, the more I want to find. I love how you can walk into a thrift store and not know what you are going to get. It’s like a treasure hunt.

I was thinking about it yesterday as we were celebrating Easter with some friends and the kids were hunting eggs. From a very young age we like to hunt for things. Kids like to go on scavenger hunts and hunt for Easter eggs. Some men like to hunt animals. Some women like to hunt for the perfect pair of shoes or little black dress. And, some people, both men and women, like to hunt for the perfect thrift store find. The deal of all deals. The thrill of the hunt is what makes me continue to go back. Wow, I got really deep there for a minute :) Onto my finds…

I think I have mentioned this before but one of my favorite things to find is fabric. I was super excited to score this decorator fabric still on the roll for $7.99. I don’t usually go for something so floral but I really liked the color combination and I think it will be really pretty in the guest room because I have the itch to redo it. It will be a good starting point. Anyway, there are 4.5 yards of this stuff so I think I got a pretty good deal. After a bit of Google searching I found that this goes for somewhere around $20-$25 per yard. I think I did pretty good with a savings of at least $80 :)

I also found this fun seersucker material for $2 for 2 yards. I’m thinking I might try and make a skirt or something. Shorts would be fun too but I have never made them before so I’m a bit nervous to try. I guess if they didn’t turn out I wouldn’t be out much though. What do you think?

And this crazy retro fabric. I have no idea what I will do with this yet but I liked it so I bought it, $2 for 2 yards:

I also found some ceramic fish. They were only a quarter each and I thought they were so cute. I just might be spray painting them though. I don’t really have anything yellow in my house so they might be getting a coat or two. White? Gold? Silver? What color? That is the question.

And lastly, I came home with 2 skirts. This one I like as is although I had to take it in on the sides because it was too big. But it was only $2 so it was worth a little work:

This second skirt ($1.50) will definitely be getting an overhaul and I’m still trying to decide exactly what I will be doing to it. But I love the pattern of it and I think it will turn out cool if I don’t accidentally butcher it :)

I might follow this tutorial although I haven’t decided for sure yet. I might just make something up too :)

That’s all I’ve got for now. I did do some fun sewing this past weekend but I’m not finished with it yet so I’ve got to keep working on it. The only project I completed was taking in the sides on the thrifted skirt which ended up being a bit more complicated than I thought because a zipper was involved. I had never done a zipper on a skirt before, only on a pillow so I learned something new. Now I want to try more zippers before I forget how to do it! I love learning new things, don’t you?