Anthro Inspired Living Room Pillow

The title of this post is a bit misleading. I say Anthro inspired but I should say Anthro copied :) I saw a pillow on Anthropologie’s website a little while ago and I was in love. It it such a fun mix of patterns and colors and textures that I immediately bookmarked it and kept it in my mind for future inspiration. Yesterday I decided was a good day to make a pillow and so I got to work. Here is the inspiration from Anthropologie

Way cool, right? As much as I loved it, I didn’t love the price tag and the colors didn’t completely work for my room which is why I set out to recreate it. Here is my finished masterpiece:

I used lots of vintage fabrics that I have picked up at thrift stores along with the vintage green floral that I used for the tray. Here are some close-ups:

The gray and white polka dot is actually the backside of a black and white polka dot print I had. I felt that the black was too strong and when I flipped it over, it was perfect. I sort of wish I had done the same with the green floral but what’s done is done.

There was a bunch of piecing together on this pillow and so it took a while but I’m really pleased with the results. I didn’t have a pillow form that was the right size so I made one of those too. That way, the pillow cover can still be washed since it’s removable. Here is the pillow on the couch:

Anthro also has some other fun pillows that are a similar style that I would like to try. Check out this one and this one. Use the magnifier to see the detail of the pillows close up, they are really fun.

Anyone else have any favorites from Anthropologie right now? It is a dangerous place for me to go but I do love it so :) Happy Thursday everyone!!