Front Flower Bed Update

Last year I wrote about how my amazing friends threw me a gardening party for my birthday. My front flower bed had been a mess and they came over and gave it a complete overhaul. Since spring has sprung here in the South, I have been noticing how much fuller and larger all of my plants look since last year when they were still babies. It’s fun to watch them mature and I’m happy to know that I haven’t killed any of them. For a while I wasn’t sure, but they all came back this year, thriving! Yay!

To remind you, here are a couple of shots from right after the party when they were first planted:

after 3

after 1

And this year, here are some pics of the new growth. See how pretty everything looks!

Currently, there are no flowers but soon the roses will start blooming. There are already a few buds, I can’t wait!

But on the other side of the porch, there are some azaleas blooming and they provide a nice pop of color.

And, here is a close up of one of my favs. It’s thyme and I have already used it twice for cooking this year. It’s so fun to have fresh herbs that now I want to plant some oregano, basil, dill, and cilantro. But first, I might wait and see how well my tomatoes and spinach do :)

I’m not usually into anything having to do with the outdoors but for some reason this year… I’m kind of into it. It will probably only last until it gets too hot to be outside so until then, I will just let myself enjoy this unusual (for me) hobby and continue making plans to enhance the outside area at my house.