The Library: Lampshade + Lamp

Last week when I posted about my thrift store finds I mentioned a lamp and a lampshade that I was hoping to use in the Library. I started working on the lampshade to give it a little face-lift and just finished it so I thought I would share it with you today.

First of all, lets remind ourselves how ugly this lampshade was to begin with:

When I was purchasing this at the thrift store, the cashier said she was sorry she didn’t see it before I snagged it because it would go perfect in her house. I guess some people still like this kind of stuff… but not me. I knew it was going to be getting an overhaul!

First, I spray painted it black. After my mistake with the library artwork I made sure to paint over the existing pattern so it wouldn’t show through the material I was planning on covering it in. Especially when the light is on and illuminates it. I didn’t do a hard core spraint job, just enough to cover up the pattern.

Next, I grabbed some burlap and plugged in my hot glue gun and got to work. I made sure the burlap would go all the way around the shade and then I cut one edge straight and glued it down.

Then, I pulled the burlap all the way around the shade clipping it with binder clips to make sure it stayed in place and then cut the other side and glued it down as well. I tried to do a fold under so it wouldn’t have a raw edge but instead it warped the edge a bit and it wouldn’t lay flat so I had to cut off the fold and just be satisfied with a raw edge. I don’t think all fabrics would work that way but for some reason the burlap did. Probably because it has so much give to it. I don’t actually mind the raw edge since the fabric is rough and casual anyway.

Since my edges were already clipped in place, I just flipped the shade over with the bottom side up and started gluing around the edge pressing the burlap onto the inside of the shade, taking off the binder clips as I went.

Once I finished going all around the shade on the top and bottom, I then went around with my scissors and cut off the excess from the inside. And my shade was finished!!

Doesn’t the combination look so handsome?! I love the roughness of the burlap with the sleekness of the lamp.

It looks so much better than what was there before and the total cost of this project was only $6.50 ($3.50 for the lamp, $3 for the shade. I already had the other materials).

Remember how I said I would like to get a modern chair to replace the one that is there? I’m kind of rethinking my plan and I might start looking for a wingback chair or a modern version of one. The reasoning behind this switch is I think it might be nice to have a little bit of height and a wingback would provide that. I will still be looking to find one while thrifting but if I could have anything I want wouldn’t this one or this one be amazing?! A girl can dream, right?