04.07.11 Thrifted Finds

I don’t have a ton of thrifted things to show you this time but I wanted to at least show you the lamp that I purchased for Jason’s office (aka the library or dungeon). All of these things which I’m about to show you are pretty much how I got them, dirt and all. Once they are cleaned up they are going to be awesome. But a little before picture never hurt anyone, right? So, here is the lamp, in all her glory:

Love, love, love. This lamp has just enough patina to make it a perfect soft gold color. I think it will look fab in the library. I found this bad boy at Goodwill and I waited until the first Saturday of the month when everything in the store is half off and got it for $3.50! Score! I also found a lampshade to go with it…

You are most likely wondering if I have lost my mind (which is what you thought when you read the April’s fools day cat post) but this crazy lampshade is definitely the before. I loved the shape of it and it was only $3 at Habitat and I knew I could do something with it. I already have transformation plans, I might even get to it today. So stay tuned for an update with this baby!

And because everything was half off at Goodwill, I couldn’t stop at just one lamp could I? This giant also came home with me:

This sucker is tall, which is why I love it. Plus it has good lines and it’s a creamy white, can’t go wrong there. I got it for $3. I know, I’m pinching myself :) I still need a lampshade for it but I know what I am looking for. I also need to decide where I should put it in the house. Any suggestions?

I’ve never really been into thrifting for clothes but lately I have been giving it a shot as well. And I’ve found some good stuff. At Goodwill I found this fun skirt for $2:

It was actually long and because of that, sort of grandma-ish, so I hemmed it to just above my knees. It sits at my natural waist which is new for me because I normally purchase things that sit on my hips. It’s kind of fun to try something different and I know that high waisted stuff is all over the stores now so I thought I should give it a try.

And lastly, I also found this high waisted pencil skirt for $.50. It is very wrinkled in the photo, but you get the idea. It also was really long and so I shorted it and now it is perfect.

So those are my most recent finds. Have you found any killer deals lately? I’m planning on doing some more thrifting on Friday and crossing my fingers for some good stuff. Since garage sale season is coming back now the thrift stores are packed with stuff. Or maybe it’s because everyone is spring cleaning. Speaking of spring cleaning… I should probably finish what I’ve started!