I Love You In The Morning Artwork

I had an idea about a month ago or so to make a small piece of artwork using watercolors. Now, I am definitely not an artist and I don’t pretend to be so I have not idea how to use watercolors but I didn’t let that stop me :) This little project didn’t turn out how I envisioned it but I learned things along the way and I thought I would show you anyway.

For some reason I had the words to Skidamarink stuck in my head, especially i love you in the morning and in the afternoon and I thought it would make a cool poster. I brainstormed a bit how I would do it and then I got to work.

First, I grabbed my blue painter tape, a ball point pen, an exacto knife, and some watercolor paper. I ripped a swatch of tape off the roll and stuck it to a piece of glass. Next, I hand drew some lettering on the tape and then cut it out with my exacto knife.

This was the easy part. After I had all of my letters cut out, I carefully peeled it off of the glass and stuck it down on my watercolor paper. After I had all of them stuck down, I started painting. This is where it got tricky for me. I didn’t actually have any watercolors so I just watered down some craft paint. Mistake number one. I’m also not too excited about the colors I chose. Mistake number two. I had wanted it to feel light and airy but it ended up being too bright.

See what I mean? I also must not have stuck some of the tape down good enough in some parts because the paint seeped through. Mistake number three.

Mistake number 4 happened when I pulled the tape off too soon and some of the wet paint got on the paper where it wasn’t supposed to be. I also accidentally took off a bit of the paper in my haste to see the finished piece. Oops…

All in all, I learned a lot from my little experiment. Enough that I think I’m going to try it again. I like parts of how it turned out just not everything. And I still think it would be cute if I could make it how it looks in my head :) The general concept works, I just have to fine tune it. For now, my little artwork is hanging in my craft room so that when I get ready to redo it, I will be reminded of all that I learned and will make it better.

What do you think? Can you see anything else that I missed that I should change in the future? If you want to try this, you could also print out the words you want to use then, using tracing paper, trace them onto the tape before you cut it out. That way your letters would be a bit more uniform. Maybe I will try that next time :)