The Library: Another Pillow

Well, I made another pillow for the library this weekend. I love calling the room the library now. It sounds so cool. And yes, I am a dork :)

Anyway, back to the pillow. I made another pillow and I think it turned out pretty cool. Now I need to make at least one more, possibly two. Here is the finished pillow hanging out in the library:

Fun, huh? And a close up:

Jason even got to use his new room on Saturday as he was studying for Sunday. He keeps saying how much he really likes it and I’m so glad. It does feel very cozy down there now. And our cat even likes it. She usually hangs out with him on Saturdays, sleeping on his lap and to tell you the truth, she kind of gets in his way a bit because she likes to stretch out and take up a lot of space. But now since there is a loveseat, she is content to sit beside him which worked better for everyone. We will see how long that lasts. I have been telling Jason he needs to build a c-table so that if the cat sleeps on his lap he still has a table to rest his books and notebooks on that will fit over the cat. Good idea, right?

Not only did I make a pillow, I also made Jason some coasters for his room that match. Previously he had a bunch of coasters that I made using Amy Butler material. They were very frilly and flowery and didn’t quite go in the room. Not that it really mattered but these new coasters blend in a bit more.

I especially like how the one on top turned out. I’m thinking I might make one of the last pillows resemble it somewhat. What do you think? Will it be too much like the pillow I just made or will it blend in nicely? Give me some feedback here people, I need it!!