The Dungeon: Pillows

Now that Jason is home, I am no longer racing to get things done and I can just make things as I please. In fact, instead of me working at breakneck speeds, I have switched to sort of meandering along. I do have grand intentions of getting everything done on my list though!

I had big plans to make all of the pillows for the room yesterday but when it came down to it, Jason and I just wanted to hang out together and relax. So we did just that. I have gotten one pillow finished though and I think it’s really cool!

When we bought our couch and loveseat (the couch is in the family room and the loveseat is in the library) it came with 2 pillows for each piece that matched. I’m not usually into everything matching so while we still have the pillows around, we haven’t been using them. I have always liked the style though, and so I thought I would do a little deconstruct so I could recreate them in the fabric I wanted. Here is a picture of the original pillow:

See, nice lines, right? I ripped one of them apart so I would have a pattern. Then I started reassembling a new pillow following the old one with the fabric I chose for the office. This pillow has everything, zippers, piping, and a button. I have never made a pillow like this before so it was a learning experience which was what made it fun for me. I think I have mentioned before that I rarely make two of something. The fun part of a project is figuring out how to do it. And then I move onto something else :)

Here is the finished product:

The fabric that I was using worked well on either side so I decided to use both. I made one side dark and one side light. The piping was a new experience and I’m glad I tried it. It worked out pretty well except for one little corner but it doesn’t really bother me, I can live with little imperfections.

Here it is in the room. I took two pictures so you could see both sides:

Which side do you like facing the front better? I’m not sure I have a preference so I will probably just rotate it now and again. You may have noticed that there is no button on this version. That is for two reasons. Reason number one, I didn’t have a button cover that large and number two, the original pillow was just stuffed with filler. When you take it out it becomes a lumpy mess and it’s really hard to re-stuff the new pillow with it. So I used a down pillow insert instead and I don’t really want to sew a button through that insert. The jury is still out here because I really like the button. I’m just trying to decide what to do. Any thoughts? Is it all right without it or does it need the button?

Now that I’ve started making pillows I have a few more that I would like to complete today so I’d better get started! I hope you all have a great weekend!!