The Dungeon: Day 5

Wow, I can’t believe it’s day five already! Time sure flies when you have a deadline! I just got some crazy news too that Jason may be coming home a bit early because they will arrive sooner than they thought. Of course I will be super happy to have him home but I started wondering if there is any way I could still finish if he came home early. Now the clock is really ticking! But I have made a lot of progress so far and I finished painting yesterday. I am so glad to have that part done. Now I can focus on the fun parts!

After a full day of painting, from 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM with only a break for food and a quick run, I finished the room. I can usually do two coats on a room and finish it in one day but this room, with all of its many surfaces, needed some extra time. But it’s done and it was worth it because it looks amazing! Here are some pictures of it:

Here is the door that you go through to enter the room. I love, love, love the trim and doors painted the same color as the walls. I know I already said that yesterday but the more I see it, the more I love it!

The bookshelves look awesome too. And even more awesome once they get the shelves in place and are full of cool vignettes. The color is wonderful. It is gray but it has blue and green in it. I couldn’t be happier with the way the color turned out. It’s perfect. And wait ‘til you see it with the rug, amazing!!

Remember this spot from before? Paint really does well to camouflage. I’m so glad!

This spot used to be an area that I hated. The brick, cinder blocks and paneling all coming together. Especially since every component used to be a different color. But now that it’s all the same, I love it. It’s probably my favorite part of the room now.

Our little ash clean-out area. I appreciate all of the comments concerning this little spot. I think a decorative grate would look cool as well but it is a very dusty place. The wind whips down the chimney and causes dust to come out occasionally and so a grate wouldn’t solve that problem. I was thinking of just putting some sort of a little door there so we could still open it if we needed too. A metal door would be best just in case there is any heat, any suggestions?

And lastly, the window wall. It still looks pretty boring but I have some ideas to spruce it up. Just all of my ideas require help from Jason so they will be coming later. But maybe some artwork and window coverings will help!

Also, I noticed some of you were wondering about what I would do with the window. I ended up just painting the metal frame, once again hoping it would just blend in. I didn’t tape it off or anything, I just painted. Now it looks like this:

It doesn’t look great now but soon I will scrape the excess paint off and it will look amazing! That paired with clean glass will transform it. I’m getting really excited now, can you tell?

Whew! After 5 days of painting (and other stuff mixed in) I’m ready to set aside my paint tools and pick up my sewing machine. But first I am going to reward myself by going to Starbucks thanks to my sweet Mother-in-law who sent me a Starbucks card yesterday. I need to get out of the house for just a bit and that seems like the best way to do it!! See you tomorrow :)