Fixing The Dungeon: Day 1

You probably remember how I moaned about the state of Jason’s office which we like to lovingly call the dungeon. I think I also might have mentioned that I was planning on painting his office once he leaves. Well, the time has come and he will be away for a week and I’m ready to get to it!

I told him before he left that I was going to paint the room. That way, I could get started a little and he wouldn’t think it was crazy of me to empty out his office. While he just thinks I’m painting, I’m actually going to try and get the whole room done and put back together. With rugs, pillows, curtains, and everything. I know there is a lot to be done but I’m going to try really hard to surprise him. I’m excited :) It’s sort of my version of While You Were Out.

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to document day by day the transformation. So, before I get started for the day, I will be documenting the progress of what I got done the day before. That means there will be no Photo 365 next week because all of my self portraits will be mixed in with the pictures of the progress. Are you ready? Here we go!!

Like I said, even though Jason left today, I got a head start yesterday. Here is what I got accomplished… First I cleared out the room:

This was no small task since I had to clear all of the bookshelves along with all the furniture except for the beast of a desk which is too heavy to move. It’s so empty now everything echos :)

The other thing I got done for the day is I took all of the shelves outside and sanded them:

and then I primed them:

Now they are all ready to be painted. And lucky for me we are having the most amazing weather. It’s supposed to get to 80 degrees today!! Yay :)

So that is where I ended yesterday. I also cleaned the whole room, it was really nasty. I had to wash down all of the walls and bookshelves but now it’s done and ready to go. But I have a lot of problems in this room to work out. For now I am just going to paint over all of these things since to fix them requires power tools and I usually leave that to Jason. Hopefully, he will feel like fixing some of them when he gets home. But for now, I hope paint will camouflage it. I know, it’s cheating, but I will take what works for now. Here is what I’m up against:

The bookcase doesn’t go all the way to the wall anymore. There must have been some water damage before we lived here and so it was taken out. I know Jason can fix it but he didn’t have time before he left so maybe when he gets home.

Crazy boards coming out all over the place but yet they don’t fit well. Another thing that needs to be fixed :)

Another crazy thing. It’s the back side of our fireplace in the family room. You can just push the ashes down a little hole and they come out here so it’s easier to clean. But instead of being handy, I now have to find someway to camouflage this bad boy.

So what do you think? I definitely have my work cut out for me, don’t I? But, crazy as it sounds, I’m looking forward to it. So check back everyday (except the weekend) and I will show you step by step, how I make over the dungeon.