Scrapbooking: Playing Catch Up

For those of you who don’t know, I am in the process of making five 18 year scrapbooks. How it works is I make one page every year for 18 years and then the scrapbook will be complete. These books are for my nephews and niece. For their first Christmas, they get the actual book and it contains a title page and one page about when they were a baby. Then, every year on their birthday, I add a page to it. By the time they are 18 they will have a completed 20 page scrapbook from their aunt. I love making them but recently I’ve gotten a bit behind. I’ve been a bad aunt.

I have now finally caught up and I have a few pages to show you. This was the first time I have gotten to make girly pages. My little niece, Lily, made her debut last January so I got to make her book for Christmas and then for her first birthday in January. It was fun to use girl colors and papers for her. Here are her pages:

This is the cover page. When I send their birthday page, I also send a small picture to go on their cover page. That is what all the numbers are for, so my sister-in-law knows where to put the corresponding picture.

Lily’s baby page. Isn’t she sweet? Even though we live far apart, I actually got to see her when she was just a month old and it was so special. Then I got to see them all again in June and in December. It was a blessed year! Lily is such a sweetie. She loves dolls already and it’s so funny to watch her carry them around. A true girly girl in the midst of 4 brothers.

Lily’s first birthday page. Most of the pictures I have to get from my sis-in-law since I am not there often enough to take pictures. But for this page I actually took all of them when they were here in December. By the way, I am totally in love with this paper. It’s Cosmo Cricket in case anyone wants to know :)

And then I got mixed up and made another page. I’m not sure why but I don’t mind since now I get to keep it for myself! I love the color combination in this one, the bright green and bright pink are wonderful!

And now onto a couple of the nephews. My brother and sis-in-law were in the process of adopting their third child when they found out she was pregnant. So they have two children only a couple months apart. These boys are so fun and I can’t imagine not having one of them! Here are their pages:

I’m not sure how they keep up with two three-year-olds but they do it well. This is Noah. He’s a character and I love him so much! He talks a lot and I can’t understand most of it but it’s so cute I just want to keep him here in Tennessee with me :)

And Oliver. He’s such a sweetie. He is {almost} always happy. He minds well until it’s time for bed then he just wants to tease his brothers. So cute!! He will be turning three next week.

Yay for me, I am finally caught up!! I will try really hard in the future not to get so far behind. And maybe one of these days I will actually scrapbook for me!!