Spring Is Here 2011

I really love spring. The trees in this area are so gorgeous this time of year and they always remind me of the first time we saw our house. We found our house 5 years ago this month. All of the trees were in bloom. No wonder we were sold on it from the beginning! Every year when the trees start to bloom I think of that first time we visited.

On Saturday I was inside admiring the blooms and I thought I’d better run outside and grab some pictures of them before they go away. It was a beautiful day, it got up to 71 degrees with not a cloud in sight! I started off in pants and long sleeves and quickly shed my layers. It was a wonderful day!

Here are some pictures from my outing and our beautiful flowers around our house and in our neighborhood:

This is my favorite tree. I’m not very familiar with tree names but we have been told it’s a weeping cherry. It’s so beautiful and delicate. Here are some pics up close of it’s flowers:

Although the tree is amazing, the blossoms don’t last for long. Then we get a bit of wind and they blow all over the place. One year we didn’t think about it and we had left our garage door open on the day they blew and it ended up looking like it snowed in the garage! We learned our lesson (I hope!).

The gorgeous tree is actually in our neighbor’s yard. There are two of them and they are covered in blossoms. I have no idea what kind of trees they are but the bugs sure like them. They were swarming all over. I took the above picture first and then I took the same thing again (below) but a bit out of focus. I love how soft and dreamy it looks.

We also have this little weeping tree in our backyard:

While he may not be blooming, he does have green on him now. All through the winter he is so bare he looks like a bunch of twigs hanging down.

See how cute he is up close?!

We also have a gorgeous yellow bush:

I’m sure everyone knows the names to these except for me. Help me out here!

And here is this yellow guy, just a bit out of focus:

And we can’t forget the daffodils, right?

And tulips:

And magnolias (from the neighbor’s yard):

I hope you enjoyed the little stroll through my neighborhood. If spring has not sprung in your area yet, maybe you can just enjoy mine through pictures! I hope you have a joyful day. Stop and appreciate the flowers!!