Mood Board: Jason’s Office

I finally had a chance to whip up a mood board for Jason’s office. I really want the room to feel masculine since this is his room. Most of the rooms in the house I decorate for me and I really want to decorate this one for him. I’m also wanting to play around with the arrangement in the room and make it better than it is now. The only thing stopping me from getting straight to work on this room is time! I seem to have a lot on my plate right now and I need to finish some things I’m working on before I can get started in this room. But pretty soon Jason will be leaving for a few days and so I think I will use that time to paint since the room will be unoccupied. Anyway, here is the mood board:

office mood board

First of all, I’m going to paint the room a really dark color. I like our room color so much that I decided to go dark in this room too. I already have some paint from my Mom that she ended up not using so that makes it even better! We also really want to do a pallet wall which would bring some warmth to the room and it wouldn’t end up being so dark.

I’m also going to bring our loveseat into this room. We have a loveseat and couch that match. Previously, the loveseat was in the family room and the couch was in the living room. Since we now have our new old couch in the living room, the other couch moved to the family room and the loveseat is just hanging out in the sewing room not being used. So I’m going to move it to Jason’s office where it will definitely get more use. There is also currently a chair in there which isn’t my favorite but it will work for now until I find a new chair to replace it preferably from a thrift store since I am really hoping to find a cool vintage one. I’m going to wait until I find the perfect one!

To go along with the dark walls I would like to use blue, red, and gray along with some natural textiles like linen. I hope to find a cool tribal type rug (like in the mood board found here). That really should be my first purchase so I can plan the rest of the room around it but, because of budget, I will have to save up for it so hopefully I will find the right one when the time is right. I also want to paint the floors (they are painted concrete) but I haven’t decided on a color yet (possibly a color to make it look more like natural concrete).

I really want some typographic art in this room and this poster from Ikea came to mind immediately. I also like the other posters shown on the mood board found here, here, and here. But who knows, I may just make something since I obviously like to do that sort of thing :) It would be fun to hang some clipboards on the wall as well like the one shown.

Since I’m loving blue lately (and of course zig zags!), I really loved this throw. Although based on the price I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be showing up in real life. But it looked really good on the mood board so I may have to search for something similar but less expensive.

And lastly, lighting. As mentioned I must have a new light fixture. I’m going back and forth about what I want. I did see a green industrial pendant light (like these) at an antique store and I thought it would be cool to have a splash of green but I’m not sure how much of it you would see since the ceilings are low and it can’t hang down very far. I also thought it would be fun to make one of these. And what do you think of the light in the mood board? I found it here. I think it would be nice to have something like that by the desk for some more light.

Then of course I will need to style the bookshelves and have a small end table and pillows. Wow, there is a lot to do! I am excited to get started though and I know it will be a slow process, but the end result will be worth it. It’s probably good I can’t start on it immediately because I obviously have some decisions to make! Any thoughts, ideas? I would love to hear them!