DIY: Grasscloth Artwork

This weekend I made some new artwork for our church. Our poor church is pretty much void of anything on the walls except for some birds. I have some ideas but I find it hard to decorate the church walls without it feeling too much like a home or like an office or even too church-y. I just want it to be cool :)

Anyway, several months ago I came across some grasscloth wallpaper and thought maybe I could use that for some artwork for the walls somehow. I bought one roll ($8) and pondered for a while what I wanted to do with it. I loved the texture and I really wanted to bring some texture to the church. I ended up using my old standby method (see here and here) and had Jason build me some wooden frames so I could stretch it across them. It’s super easy and I really like how it ends up looking.

frames before

Here are my supplies. Grasscloth, 2 frames, a staple gun, and some scissors. My grasscloth was 36 inches wide so I made the frames 30” x 36”. I simply laid the wallpaper on the floor and stretched it around the frame and stapled it down. Super simple!

grasscloth frame

I really wish I had a finished picture of these hanging on the church wall because they are going to be hanging on the really pretty blue walls and I think it will look super swanky! We had a really busy weekend and I wasn’t able to get them hung before church on Sunday so hopefully this week I will be able to make time to get them hung.

And here is a close up:

grasscloth close up

Gotta love that texture! Just today I got to thinking that it also might be pretty cool to paint a pattern on them. I’m considering this but I have to think of a pattern that I really would want to use. I don’t want anything having to do with birds or vines or flowers. Any ideas? I would definitely test it out on some scrap grasscloth first. What are your thoughts? Keep them as is or add pattern? I would love to know your opinion!