January & February Thrifted Finds

I realized the other day that I have found a bunch of wonderful stuff at thrift stores lately and I haven’t shared them with you! Since I love bargain shopping, thrifting is right up my alley :) I especially love to go thrifting with my Mom although sometimes we end up wanting the same things!

Some of these things will get a new coat of paint and some will stay as they are. Which means you may be seeing more of these items later, once I have time to work my magic! So here we go, these are some of the things I found in the last couple of months:

bird picture

I found this bird oil painting for $2. The backside has information on it and the artist is Gloria M. Rae, painted in February 1981 in Sydney Australia. Cool huh?! I have been wanting to have a few original oil paintings and this is the first one I found for cheap. Not too long ago I found another one but I let my Mom take it because I was already at my spending limit for the day :)

bird art

Found for $1. I’m not sure where I am going to hang this yet but I will find a good spot for it. It might possibly go in the guest bedroom.

wooden candle holder

A cool chunky wooden candle holder for $1.25. Again, I’m not sure what I will do with it yet :) I guess I’ll stick a candle in it, ha ha!

white planter

Since I really love to have plants in my house, I feel like there can never be too many white pots. Especially because this one was only 50 cents.

wood tray

Here is an item you will see again later. I bought this little wooden tray for 50 cents. It’s definitely going to get a paint job but I have to decide which room it will go in before I decide what color. I think I will put a pattern on the tray part too.

thrifted fabric

One of my favorite things to find while thrifting is fabric. I love, love, love, the peacock blue velvet on the bottom. It’s so wonderful, my Mom is trying to make me part with it and give it to her (well, trade for something she has that I want!). I found it for $2.99 and I was super excited. The others on the pile I found for $1 each and I have some plans for them as well.

white curtains

I found these white curtains for $4 for a pair. The cool thing is they are 96” long which is what I’m always looking for but never seem to find. I think these will go in the guest bedroom. I’m also thinking of adding a little bit of pom pom trim to the edges (kind of like this picture). What do you think?


And lastly, this little giraffe caught my eye and I loved him. He was only 59 cents and worth every penny. Currently he hangs out in the living room next to a plant.

Talking of all of this thrifting makes me want to go again! What about you guys? Have you found any really great finds lately? I’m also really excited for spring because that means garage saling. Oh what wonderful treasures I might find!!