Chair, Elle Decor, And A Basket Lampshade

I know you are looking forward to our guest post (aka my Mom) but she might not be ready with her post until tomorrow. So, until then, I just have a few odds and ends that I have been wanting to share and I figured I would just combine them all into one post.

First of all, when I posted about my couch, many of you loved it and wanted one for yourself :) Well, I found something that might work as a substitute. Just to remind you, here is my couch:

couch 1

And here is the substitute, this awesome chair from Urban Outfitters,

urban outfitters chair

It comes in three colors and is only $349. I think it looks a lot like my couch. If you are interested, you can find the chair here.

Last week, Jason noticed some traffic coming to our site from Elle Decor. He tracked it down and found that it came from here under Design Insiders’ Weekly Finds. Ez from Creature Comforts mentioned my hallway. I can’t believe after almost two years my hallway is still being mentioned out there! Anyway, it was exciting for me to see my little blog mentioned on Elle Decor’s site! (Thanks Ez!) Again, you can read it for yourself here.

And lastly, a month ago or so, my Mom and I were shopping and she mentioned buying a basket to use as a shade for a lamp. She has a lamp just like my arc lamp and needs a shade for it. I loved the idea, of course, and while we haven’t found the perfect basket for her, we did find this super cool basket at Hobby Lobby:

basket lampshade

Wouldn’t this make an awesome lampshade? My Mom is holding it up for me to snap a picture of it after we had already taken the lid off to show how it would look. Since just the bottom is open, I think it would work really well for an arc lamp or for a ceiling lampshade kind of like what I did here. And isn’t my Mom a great model? :)

So that’s it for me today. I need to keep working on projects for the shower/birthday party since it’s on Sunday. I love the ideas you have been feeding me and it’s funny how I have been thinking along the same lines :) Keep them coming!

Also, if you have any questions or would like help with a theoretical diy, please email me!!!