Parties: 1st Birthday Invitation

Once again, I am in the midst of party planning, which I love. This time, it is a shower/1st birthday party for the little girl of some friends of ours. My Mom is actually planning the party and she asked if I would want to help with the decor and of course I jumped at the chance :) The invitations have all been handed out and so I thought I would share them with you. The actually party is on Sunday so next week I should have some pictures of the decor.

I started off with purchasing some 3” cards at Michael’s. They were having a sale and I thought they were so cute and perfect for the theme of the party. There were 2 different sets in the perfect colors.

jodi invites 1

Since they are so small, I wanted to add to the cards a bit and make them something special. First, I found a small floral print fabric and cut out squares with my pinking shears that were just a bit smaller than the cards. Then, I laid it inside behind the animal cutout shape.

jodi invites 2

Next, I sewed around the edge of the fabric, securing it to the front of the card. Here is a picture of how they look from the front. I love a little bit of floral peeking out :)

jodi invites 3

Onto the next part of the card. To make it a bit bigger, I designed a flat card for the little card to attach to. I printed them all and using double sided tape, I attached the little envelope to the larger card. This picture shows what the guests would have received once they opened the larger envelope. I even had a chance to use my tissue paper tape.

jodi invites 4

Once you open the little envelope, here is what the small card looks like against the larger one:

jodi invites 5

And lastly, I also made an insert for the little card with all of the info. I printed it so I wouldn’t have to hand write each one and then I stuck it to the back of the small card. I also made another insert that gives gift suggestions.

jodi invites 6

I’m really happy with the way they turned out and I can’t wait to finish the rest of the decor items and see how everything comes together. Do you have any ideas for me to make it really special? I would love to hear them :)