Guest Post: Guest Bedroom

I hesitate to show you this room because it still feels so unfinished to me. I’m sure you guys know the feeling. However, with a trip to Brazil coming right around the corner, I know the future projects are just that – in the future. So, come be a guest in my guest room!

First up, the before pictures:

s guest bdm before 1

s guest bdm before 2

s guest bdm before 3

And now, for the reveal:

s guest room 3

In this room I have used some colors that I love but would probably grow tired of soon if it were a room that I was in often. It all started with the curtain fabric. I fell in love with the pattern and color combination. I bought them from the World Market on sale (sorry, I can’t remember how much I paid for them.) Regular price is $24.99 each. They are called “Tree of Life”. They come in two sizes: 84” and 92”. I bought the 84” and as you can see they don’t come to the floor BUT I have plans for these guys! The fabric is good quality but they aren’t lined and I LIKE lined curtains. I also have ideas to make them more custom. Later, my friends, later!

s guest room 2

The giant frame beside the window is yet another project (you can see it poking out next to the window). I found it (actually 2 of them) at Southeastern Salvage for $25!!! The mirror that originally was in it was gone but I can always do something with a frame. (I’ve already used the other one – you’ll have to wait to see!) I think I’m going to paint this a glossy white…. It’s actually sitting there right now because I didn’t know where else to put it…that’s reality sometimes!

The bed was mine from sometime ago. I had gotten it at the Ark thrift store in Oregon for $75.
It was originally for a full size bed but Warren has turned it into a queen size. I still want to paint it to better go in this room. Not sure what color though. Any suggestions?

s guest room 10

s guest room 9

I went pretty simple with the bedding. I stayed with white sheets and added the navy blue so as not to compete with everything else going on in the room. The shams are actually the floor pillows that World Market sells in the same pattern as the curtains but they are printed on a rug-like material which adds a whole new texture. I’m into textures!
The solid color, fun pillows were from Ross and, again, the texture plus fun style was what got my attention. They are soooo soft! The front, patterned pillow is crewel and I found it on clearance at Homegoods for $15. A great price for crewel work and the colors couldn’t be more perfect.

s guest room 1

What do you think of the bright, pink side table?! This, again, was mine previously but it was in an off-white. Worked well for then but this is now and I wanted – needed – something that would stand out in this colorful room. I had tried it in there before it was painted and it was just blah. The color is Krylon Watermelon. I love it!

s guest room 7

The lamp is a Goodwill purchase for $4.99 as well as the trinket box for $2.99. The ceramic parrot is from Ross for $9.99.

The cow rug is from Southeastern Salvage and was $129. More expensive than I like but less than most places. You should have seen Kellie, a friend of ours and I going through the stacks of rugs looking for the “right” one!

And I am sure you have noticed the wallpaper. An Ebay find while I was in Brazil. It is actually vintage contact paper. It was soooo easy to put up (I did it alone) but, I think because it was old, it did come loose here and there and one piece actually came completely down. I used a little bit of wallpaper paste at the top and other loose places and haven’t had any problems since. Why don’t they still make contact paper in fun patterns that can be used for wallpaper?! I spent $55 on it $70 with shipping and have quite a bit left over. Much cheaper than wallpaper and much easier to put up. And by the way, the paper is textured and fuzzy just like you remember your grandmothers to be!

s guest room 4

The cabinet in this room was made by my best friend, Deb. She makes them out of old windows, wood and trim. I love it and, of course, it means so much more coming from her. I haven’t decided if I should paint it another color or not. What do you think?

s guest room 7

The basket is from France that I’ve had for some time and paid way too much for! The pottery piece is from TJ Maxx (sorry don’t remember how much).

s guest room 5

The chair is from Habitat For Humanity thrift shop (we have a great one here in Cleveland!) that I paid $25 for in the perfect color, in velvet, in wonderful condition!
The chevron throw was found at Goodwill for $4.

The wall color is Sherwin Williams Snowbound in satin as well as the trim although I did that in Semi-gloss Pro-classic.

s guest room 6

s guest room 8

As we have been making our way through the house we have been changing all of the hollow core doors to solid wood, raised paneled doors. That includes the closet doors which had been sliding doors. Warren took those out and changed them to hinged doors with a ball catch at the top of the door. So far all of the doors were such that they could easily open into the room without cutting off pathways or hitting furniture. I love them! It was a relatively inexpensive way to give a richer, custom look to the house. And I painted them – yes, every last coat – 3 each front and back!!!! The hardware on the closets are from Hobby Lobby during one of their 50% off sales. That was cheaper than if I had put on the regular dummy knobs that matched the regular doors. And aren’t they wonderful?! Thankfully, when I found them Warren hadn’t yet drilled the doors for a regular knob as these just screw into place.

We’ve been able to have several guest here and each time a little more of the room is finished. We’ve enjoyed having them as much as they, we hope, have enjoyed staying here!