Before and After: The Bathroom Reveal

I didn’t have any reader questions for today so I thought I would share the before and after pictures of my bathroom with you.

We always used to refer to this bathroom as the yellow bathroom, for obvious reasons. When I painted it 4 years ago, I loved it. But the longer I live here, the more I am realizing that I really like neutral colors the best. I really like changing things too much to be stuck with such a bold color :) I love to add color in accessories and even furniture. I also am one of those people who could live in an all white house and love it. So, as I redo things around here, I’m trying to keep that in mind when I see fun paint colors in houses online and desire them. I keep reminding myself that I would get tired of it in a year or so and then I would have to repaint. Which, I suppose, isn’t that bad :) Here is our yellow bathroom, the before:

yellow 1

yellow 2

yellow 3

yellow 4

It’s really bold! It actually worked well in the room because there was so much white going on and like I said, I really loved it for a while. I know there are going to be people that like the before better and will think that the after is boring. I just had a friend tell me they were sad I painted the yellow bathroom because it was their favorite room in the whole house! I actually think the same thing sometimes when I see before and afters online. I sometimes like the before better. And that’s okay. My Mom and I have been discussing this and we’ve realized the difference: I am here in my house all day, every day. You aren’t. You see a picture of the room maybe once or twice where as I see it all the time. I’ve grown tired of it seeing it day after day but you still have only seen a little glimpse of it. All of that to say, I’m okay with it if you like the before better. And I don’t even mind if you want to tell me so :)

Now what am I waiting for? Enough disclaimers, here is the after!

gray bath 1

gray bath 2

gray bath 3

gray bath 4

gray bath 5

Again, I used the gray paint left over from the living room. To me the new color feels serene and clean. I really like it. It no longer blinds me to walk in the room :) I kept all of the old yellow accents since I still really like them and I’m still loving the color combination of yellow and gray. The room is a bit hard to photograph because it is actually two rooms. You walk through the first room with the sink and then through to the second room with the shower and toilet although there is only a doorway between the two, not an actual door. When we first moved in there were swinging bar doors to separate the two rooms. I think those lasted for all of two minutes and they were history :) One of these days I will do a video tour for you but I have to find some way to video it first since I don’t have a video camera :)

Just in case anyone is curious, the yellow hook on the wall, the rug, and the towel draped over the curtain came from Anthropologie several years ago. The curtain came from Pottery Barn several years ago. The bird art was something I made a while back. Now what I really need is some pattern in this room. Any suggestions anyone?

So what about you? Are you a bold color person or a neutral color person? Do you tire of things easily too? Please tell me I’m not the only one!