Guest Post: Grandkids Room

Well, I’ve been asked for some pictures of my house so I think we are going to do it one room at a time. The semi-finished rooms anyway!

For those of you that know me, you know that I love a house with not too much going for it – at least in the beginning! This house is our 5th major remodel with a few other minor remodels thrown in there through the years. We also did a lot of work on a house that we had built for us, finishing the house after the sheetrock stage. Even though most of our married life has been spent in dust and dirt we really are the most happy when we have a project going. Yes, we have our disagreements but on the whole it has been good for our marriage to have found something we both enjoy and feel such satisfaction from. Once the house is completely done we usually don’t stay more than a couple of years in it even though we have bought a few with “retirement” in mind!

So onto this house – our first in a new state. A surprise purchase as we weren’t even looking for a house at the time – the place we call home.

This is the room I call our grandkids room. Here are some before pictures:
s gkrm before
s window before

Most of the things in the room, actually, came from our previous house. It was the room I cried over when we packed things away for Brazil and the one that I just couldn’t sell the majority of the things from.

s gkrm after 1

This room is the smallest in the house and MUCH smaller than the one at the last house but I’m loving the coziness of it. ALL four of the boys slept in this room when they were here. When Jake and Max saw it they exclaimed “Our room!”

s gkrm after 9

The paint color is Sherwin Williams 7642 Pavestone. It’s a brown-gray that I am loving. The beds were ones that their dad and uncle had had growing up. I painted them Sherwin Williams 6993 Black of Night. It is a softer, grayer black. The comforters I got several years ago. I wanted something that worked with boys and girls. The pillow shams are from Ikea. A $4 closeout! The little pillows were from World Market.

s gkrm after 5

I went with a plain white sheet for the bottom sheet and bought some top sheets on clearance at Ross. $4-5. They were just solid colored sheets that I embroidered on.

s gkrm after 6

s gkrm after 7

For the embroidery, I simply took the phrases that I wanted on them and found a few different fonts for each on the computer. I printed them out and enlarged them on the copier. I used tracing paper and transferred it to the sheet. The stitches are very simple ones that I remembered from growing up. I am sure you can find them on the internet. Make sure that you figure out where the words need to be when the sheet is folded back after the bed is made! You want the words to be going the right direction!!!! Since I didn’t want all the ugly stitching to show on the back side of the sheet I took the black and white fabric and made a tube out of it, finished on all four sides, that was the width of the sheet. I sewed it on to the back of the sheet with it being a little bit longer than the sheet so it peeks out when the sheet is folded back on the bed. I used a thread that matched the fabric and added rick rack to the front in that color so it wouldn’t be seen as a stitch line across the front. Does that make sense?!
I loved how they turned out although I don’t think the kids have ever even noticed! I do, though, and I love details.

s gkrm after 3

The little nightstand is one that I had around. It was nothing special but a good size. I really took the next idea from Kellie as she had done this to a dresser in the guest room that we always stayed in when visiting. I painted the nightstand and then papered the drawer fronts with wrapping paper and decoupage. As you can see I used several different papers where Kellie had used one (which looked awesome in her room!) I just thought because of the colors in the quilt that this room could handle the multiple papers.

You should recognize the “sign“ from one of Kellie’s posts. She and Jason made it for my birthday this year. I LOVE IT!!!! I have sung that song over my kids and now the grandkids.

s gkrm after 8

The night light is a vintage one that I snagged from Kellie. You’ll notice the little floral vases that I have used here and on the bookshelf. I had more of these at our last house but just kept some of the favorites. I had used them to hold crayons, pencils and other small misc. things on a kid size table in the room in Oregon.

s gkrm after 2

The curtains are gray velvet that, again, were clearance items at Ross. I paid $10 a panel and had to find them at two different stores!
The blinds are from Lowes where they cut them to fit.

s gkrm after 4

The bookshelf is a testament to my handy, dandy husband. It was in a different room when we bought the house and pretty rough looking. It was a great size for this room, though, so he took it and added trim and side panels all with scraps from things we had here at home. $0 cost!!! I love how it turned out. I painted it the same color as the walls so it wouldn’t feel so big and overwhelm the area.

s gkrm after 10
s gkrm after 11

This is the only room where we left the sliding, hollow core, closet doors. I painted them with chalk board paint.

All in all, the room makes me smile when I walk in – more because of the grandkids then the room itself.