Photo 365: 1.26.11-2.1.11

So far, I have made it. I have taken a picture every day for a whole month now. I am loving this project and excited that I reached my first small goal. Only 11 months to go!

It seemed as though you liked the extra info and narration that I included last week so here I go again :)


50mm, 400 ISO, f/1.4, 1/80

Another daily task. For some reason I like this simple picture. Me and my pink blow dryer. I actually set up the tripod on the counter top and used my remote switch cable because my remote happens to be out of batteries. It wasn’t a very smart move because I must have accidentally pulled the remote switch a bit and the whole tripod and camera came crashing down onto the tile floor. I about had a heart attack but everything seems to be working just fine. PTL :)


50mm, 800 ISO, f/1.4, 1/80

Another tripod set up using my self timer. It’s kind of comical to try and create a serene scene when you are using self timer and you have ten seconds to rush into position! But it works, right? This is a normal part of a winter evening for me. Cuddled up in my blanket, sipping on my coffee, wearing my pj’s and slippers. Jason’s Grandma made that blanket for him before we ever got married and it’s still our favorite and it’s a race to see who gets to it first every evening. And have I ever said how my husband is the best home barrista in the whole world? Well, he is. I have friends who require one of his coffees every time they come over :) Although at this particular moment, my coffee cup was empty because with all that rushing around I was afraid I would spill it and therefore waste perfectly good coffee!


18mm, 100 ISO, f/3.5, 1/1600

Finally, I am using a different lens. The dreaded kit lens but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! But this is probably one of the best times to use it though because the picture wasn’t focused on a person but a shadow so it didn’t have to be tack sharp. I knew I wanted to get a shadow picture and so I dragged Jason outside and set up to take it. I realized that our concrete was in the shadows so we hopped over to the neighbor’s sunny driveway and took it there. They probably thought I was so weird! I love how Jason’s collar makes him look like he is wearing a space suit without the collar and because of the angle I look 10x wider than he does. Oh joy!


50mm, 1600 ISO, f/1.4, 1/60

For this photo I set the camera on the ground and used self timer. Just picture me running back and forth and posing in between shots until I get what a want :) This is another example of what we like to do in the evenings. Although you can’t see him, Jason is actually behind me using his laptop and I will sit or lay around for awhile playing spider solitaire (oh yes, I am addicted!) on my ipod.


50mm, 400 ISO, f/2.8, 1/60

This is us, Monday morning, working for every jot & tittle. Our morning routine is that we workout first and then we tackle any work we have for ejat which is why we are both still wearing our workout clothes. We make a good team and Jason is such a good sport to help me with my little job. He never complains about it and he is a great worker bee! For this shot my tripod was too tall for what I wanted but the ground was too low so I propped it up on some weights we had down there and it worked perfectly. I used self timer for this shot.


50mm, 1600 ISO, f/2.8, 1/60

Last night, right before we got ready for bed. We had had a busy day and I actually hadn’t been home that much so I still needed to take a picture. I didn’t really have many ideas so I tried a few different things and then just ended up holding the camera out in front of me and snapping a picture. I actually ended up really liking this one. Jason kept trying to tickle me to make me smile but that wasn’t quite the mood I was looking for :)

And, that’s it for the week! Come back next Wednesday to see what I have up my sleeve for this coming week of photos, I don’t even know what I am going to do yet :) Even better, tomorrow my Mom will be sharing some pictures of her house!

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