Don’t Cost A Dime: Jewelry Update

This past weekend we had beautiful weather. The sun was out and it was in the high 60’s. Perfect! So, I took the opportunity to spray paint :) I haven’t been able to spray paint much before that because it had been so cold and the paint just doesn’t turn out as well in cold temperatures. All of my projects were piling up and the weather this weekend gave me the chance to knock a few off my list.

A couple of weeks ago when I made my new jewelry hanger I went through my jewelry box and got rid of a bunch of stuff I didn’t wear. I also set aside a few things that I thought could benefit from an update. I thought it would be fun to try sprainting a couple of things since I’ve never sprainted jewelry before :)

pink ring 1

I started off with this ring. I have a couple of other pink rings and this one was missing some stones and I thought it made a good candidate for my experiment. Here is the after:

black ring

I chose matte black and I love how it turned out. You can’t really tell that there are stones missing and the color is nice and moody. Plus, I have a few things that I can wear it with and it will be perfect. When I sprainted it I just taped off the part that goes around my finger so only the top would be painted. I still would like to put a finish over top so it won’t get scratched but I don’t want it to be glossy because I love the matte so much. Any suggestions? I do have some wipe on poly and I might just give it a go even though it says it’s only for wood :)

I also sprainted these earrings:

black earrings

For whatever reason I had a bunch of simple fake gold earrings like these. So I sprainted one white and one black. Just tape off the part that will go in your ear so as not to get any paint on the post.

And lastly, this doesn’t have to do with sprainting but it does have to do with jewelry so I thought I would throw it in as well. I took a pair of gold hoops that I never wear and don’t actually like:

gold earrings 1

And covered them with Japanese washi tape:

gold earrings 2

It was a really simple fix and I love it. Jason gave me some washi tape for Christmas (I have been wanting some for forever) and I’m thinking you might start seeing it on every project I do, I love it that much!

gold earrings 3

Simply wrap the tape around and then smooth the edges using your fingernail.

gold earrings 4

gold earrings 5

Now I’m sort of looking around my house for other things I can cover with tape :) Any ideas?!