Guest Post: Savannah Inspiration

Recently, Warren and I took a trip to Savannah, Georgia. I’ve been wanting to go for some time and we were suppose to be getting a big snow in Tennessee… We missed the snow but did get the cold. Unfortunately, it did make a difference with the amount of walking we did while there. It is a truly a beautiful city with so much history. We even saw the park where Forrest Gump sat on the park bench with the feather floating down….!

Of course, they have wonderful stores in Savannah with most of them being a lot more expensive then I am able or willing to pay. BUT that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good ideas! Here are a few pictures snapped at a store called The Paris Market:

s savannah basket

s savannah table

s savannah light

s savannah table 2

s savannah chandelier

What do you think? Should we try to make one or two?!