A Lot Of Bang For Their Buck

I will be posting pictures of my living room shortly but I just had to share this crazy story first! A week ago, my parents bought another house to use as a rental. They have been over there working on it getting it ready for the last few days and yesterday they came across something really interesting.

My Dad was cleaning out a closet in the bedroom and he found a couple grenades. That in itself is pretty strange because we also found a grenade in the first house we owned. I mean, what are the odds? How many people keep grenades in their house and then just leave them for the next owners? Anyway, he found the grenades and they figured they had better call the police.

The police came and checked out the closet with the grenades and also found another box with some homemade bombs in it. This worried the officers because they looked really old and one of them was leaking. This led to the bomb squads arrival. For several hours, my parents had to wait across the street while the bomb squad took care of things. Apparently, there was enough explosives to blow up the whole house! The neighbors would have been okay but my parents house would have been toast. They also found some more bomb making equipment in the crawl space. Crazy, crazy.

What’s even weirder is that it was an elderly lady that owned the house and had lived there since it was built. She lived there all alone and it was sold when she passed away. What is this old lady doing making bombs?! And, keeping them in her bedroom?!

I’m so thankful my parents aren’t blown to smithereens right now! Check out the story on our local news here.