Theoretical DIY: Vase To Lamp

Last week I introduced Theoretical DIY and I actually had someone ask a question! Yay! I was super stoked because I think these posts could end up being a fun little game. Okay, so our question comes from Sarah who says:

“I would love if you could do a little tutorial about how to make a lamp out of a curvy flower vase. I feel like it should be easy, but I’m too scared to try and I have WAY too many curvy vases!”

Here is a picture of the type of vase she is talking about…

TDIY vases

I knew that I had seen tutorials out there on how to do this so it really wasn’t all that hard to track down some instructions. Basically, you need a vase, a lamp kit, a drill, a drill bit for glass or tile, a lamp shade, a harp, and a wood lamp base.

First, find the center of the bottom side of your vase and drill a hole using your glass drill bit. Next, assemble the lamp parts together. Make sure to feed the wire through the wood base first then the vase. You could also use another type of material for the base, just make sure the cord will fit under it so the lamp will sit straight (here they used a plant saucer). Then attach your harp and lampshade. Done! I know those directions were skimpy but Country Home explains is so much better here than I ever could so I thought I would just direct you there :) I love that they used a wooden base, I think it looks so cool. And they estimated that it would cost about $110 but based on what I’ve seen for parts (assuming you already have the vase) I think it would cost somewhere between $30-$40 and that includes a harp, lamp kit, wooden base, and lampshade (if you get an inexpensive one). If you went with the plant saucer instead of a wooden base it would be cheaper because those are only a couple of bucks. Anyway, you could get creative with it and save $$$!

So what do you all think of Theoretical DIY so far? Can you follow along even though there aren’t step by step pictures? Are you getting excited to try some of these things? I know I am :)