Guest Post: Thrifted Lamp

I was excited when Kellie asked if I would consider contributing to her blog once in a while. I love a good DIY and my favorite stores are re-sale shops!

BUT, now that I sit down to do my first post I find myself a little bit intimidated by her – I mean – she’s good, isn’t she?!!! Maybe she got her love for decorating and thrifting from me but the talent is entirely her own!

Anyway, at her suggestion, I thought I would start with a pretty simple project.

lamp before

This is a lamp I picked up at a local thrift shop for $4.99.
I loved the size, the shape and the fact that it had a little bit of wood at the top of the base. I didn’t like the color.

Of course, I gave it a good cleaning once I got it home. It was missing the lamp harp but Kellie had one on hand that she gave me. No finial though. Guess what? Yesterday, driving home from Kellie’s house, I saw a lamp sitting by the side of the road ready for the trash. I didn’t like the lamp but it did have a finial! YES, I do dig through the trash sitting beside the road!

s lamp after

Next I spent some time picking out the color to paint it. Oh, the possibilities! I finally settled on Krylon’s Bahama Sea. $3.

s lamp after 2

Then I shopped for a lamp shade. I prefer to find those second hand, too, so I scoured all of my favorite shops but didn’t come up with one that would fit, in the style I wanted. That’s the problem with second hand – you have to buy them when you see them. Kellie and I have had this conversation. How many lampshades do you keep around just because you might find a lamp someday that needs it?! Anyway, I found one at Walmart and spent more than I wanted to. $14.

s lamp after 3

But isn’t she worth it?!

Now I am thinking maybe some nice trim around the top and bottom of the shade….?