Theoretical DIY: WE Frames

Do-it-yourself projects are some of my favorite things. When I’m at a store or looking at a magazine I am always asking myself how I could make it. Maybe it’s because I don’t like to spend a lot for stuff but also because I just really like to make things. With DIY in mind, this week I had a great idea. I hope you like it too.

There are lots of things I see that I want to make but I don’t necessarily have a place to put it or I don’t need it. And I thought that maybe there are things out there that you see that you wish there was a cheaper alternative or a way to DIY it but you don’t know how. So now for my great idea… with your DIY question! If there is a picture or link of something that you wish you knew how to make, and I will try and come up with instructions on how to make it. Please don’t send me questions about how to make the Titanic because that’s not going to happen, but you know, fun little projects that we would all enjoy seeing. Then, on Fridays, I will post a theoretical DIY project. My guest contributor is also going to help me brainstorm (which by the way, she wasn’t ready this week but she will be ready for her first post next week) ideas for the how-to since two heads are better than one! We are also open to any decorating questions you might have, send them our way.

The reason this is called Theoretical DIY is because I’m not actually going to do the projects, I’m just going to come up with instructions for you to do them. Are you with me? Here is an example (an easy one) of a project I’ve been wanting to try but haven’t gotten around to it yet:

WE frame

I love these frames from West Elm but the price is a bit steep for me (this one is $54) and I think these would be pretty simple to DIY.

First, buy a frame. Just after a quick search, Ikea has some that would work perfectly including a square one that is similar to the picture for only $17.99. Target also has a bunch for a good price.

Next, spraint the frame silver. I think brushed silver from Krylon would be awesome. Also, the Champagne Nouveau is a great color too. Make sure you remove the glass and everything when you spray paint :)

Then, take the mat that came with the frame, we are going to cover it with linen. I found this awesome tissue weight linen from Joann’s for only $2.69 a yard. Not too shabby. Using spray adhesive, spray it onto your mat. Then press the linen onto the mat. Make sure it’s pressed on smooth and there are no bubbles or wrinkles. Once it’s dry, cut the fabric around the outside of the mat using the mat as your guide. For the center where the picture will show through, cut an X from corner to corner in the fabric. It should make 4 triangles. Take each triangle and fold it through the back and secure it on the backside. Now you have a nice folded edge so the original mat doesn’t show through.

If I calculated correctly, this project should cost around $27-$30. That’s just for one frame. If you make more than one (which is what I’m planning to do) the cost goes down because you don’t need a whole can of spray paint or spray adhesive or a whole yard of fabric for one frame.

So please, send me your questions! You can email me here or you can go to the contact page and email me there. I’m hoping some of you have some questions out there but if not then I will just post whatever I want :) Maybe some more theoretical DIY of my own. On the other hand, if I get too many questions, I will just have to do them as I can. Sound fun? Please play along!!

Also an update on Photo 365. Thank you to all for you lovely comments. They were all so sweet :) And we already have someone else playing along. Are there any other takers out there? I could start a flickr group if anyone else wants to join us!