Don’t Cost A Dime: Jewelry Hanger

I have a lovely jewelry box that I got from a Pottery Barn outlet for $6 (regular price? $99!). For the most part, it works really well and I’m happy with it. But, it’s starting to get full. I decided I needed some more storage for my long necklaces and dangle earrings and I’ve seen some pretty cool things out there online to make that happen. This week, I took action.

For this project all you need is some wire, a picture frame, and a staple gun.

I started with the picture frame. One day while Jason and I were running, I saw a bunch of wood frames that someone had in their trash pile on the side of the road. When we finished our run I sent Jason back in the car to get them :) I ended up with 4 smaller frames and one large one. Not bad for free! For this project, I used one the of smaller ones. Here is what it looked like before I cleaned it:

frame before

Pretty nasty. So I cleaned it really well and used bleach water on it just in case there was something growing on it :) Next, I took a couple of pieces of wire and stretched them across the frame and stapled them on the inside. Then I twisted the wire back around so the wire wouldn’t slip out from the staple.

frame hanger

And, just that easy, it was ready to hang!

jewelry hanger 2
jewelry hanger 3

I didn’t want all of the earrings to slide to the middle so I simply bent the wires just a little in between each pair so they would stay put. I also added some more wall storage for my necklaces.

jewelry hanger 4

Now I have just a bit of bling in my bedroom. Not only that, but I can easily see what I have. I like it, what do you think??

jewelry hanger 1