Photo 365: 1.1.11 – 1.11.11

Another one of my goals this year to to stretch my creativity in photography. I want to get better at it and the only way I can is to practice. I take a lot of pictures of projects and my house and I realize that I don’t really enjoy taking pictures of stuff nearly as much as I enjoy taking pictures of people. I know I need to get better at taking pictures of stuff, but I want to get better at taking pictures of people. Which leads me back to practice, practice, practice!

Here is my dilemma, I only live with a cat and a husband. My cat doesn’t count as people and my husband gets tired of always being in front of the shutter. I don’t have any kids to practice on so that leaves me. I decided as an exercise in creativity to try and take a self portrait every day this year. Knowing myself, there will be days that I don’t do it. But, I will try my best to remember and get as close to 365 as I can :)

These pictures will be from (hopefully) different points of view at all different times of the day. Sometimes I will just hold the camera in front of me, other times I will set up my tripod and self timer. Sometimes it will be a planned shot and others times just something on the fly. Sometimes it might be a good shot, sometimes it won’t :) I’m also playing with different editing techniques as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how this project evolves.

Starting today, I am hoping that Wednesdays can be when I post my pictures from the week before. I’m not planning on posting all of them every week, maybe just a couple or maybe even just one. I’m not going to narrate the pictures, the post will simply consist of the picture(s).

If anyone else wants to join me, put a link in the comments where your pictures are posted. I would love to see them! Here goes nothing!

sp 010111
sp 010311
sp 010411
sp 010611

Have I also mentioned that my word for the year is bold? I realize that I don’t do a lot of things because I’m afraid of what people will think. I also don’t post a lot of things because of that. I am naturally a private person and it’s hard for me to put myself out there. So this year, I am trying to be bold. Posting self portraits every week might not seem bold to you but it is for me. Anyone else want to join me? It’s going to be an adventure!