Fabric: Flip It Over

I love to buy fabric. Even when I don’t know how I can use it, it’s fun to buy because I know that sometime down the road I will have the perfect use for it. There have been many times that I’ve used fabric I already have for projects and I’m so happy that it’s there. Because of this, every time I’m at a place that sells fabric (be it a thrift store or a craft store) I have to check it out, just in case I find something amazing. But on a recent trip to Hobby Lobby (a craft store chain for those of you who live out west) I found myself looking at fabric in a whole new way.

I don’t know what made me do it but I was checking out the home decor fabric, most of it I didn’t like, and I flipped one over to see the reverse and… it was amazing! The reverse was so much better than the front side. I ran around the fabric section looking at all the backsides and found some really cool fabric. I went home, told my Mom about it and we went back together later. Here are some examples that we found:

fabric 1
The red is the reverse on this one.
fabric 2
My Mom thought this one was fun even though she’s not into roosters :) The red is the reverse.
fabric 3
I love this one, both sides actually. The bolder colors is the reverse side.
fabric 4
The fabric on the right is the reverse. My Mom actually bought this one and recovered a little bench with the reverse side and it looks amazing!
fabric 5
The blue/green is the reverse side. I’m thinking this just might make an appearance in my living room.
fabric 6
The light color is the reverse. Isn’t it fun?

Now you can look at fabric with a new eye too. Head straight for your local fabric store and check out the home decor fabric and you’ll see for yourself!

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