2011 Calendar

The previous two years I have made a calendar and sold it in my shop. This year, I was lazy (actually I just ran out of time) and didn’t make one to sell. When I told my Mom, she was disappointed because she always takes one with her no matter where they are and it reminds her of me (my parents live in Brazil for half of the year). Even after she told me that, I still didn’t make any plans to make one, after all, they are a lot of work! But then Christmas rolled around…

My Mom and I decided to exchange handmade Christmas presents this year. The calendar idea popped into my head but by the time I thought about it, I didn’t have much time left to actually create it. So I started looking through my files hoping something I already designed would work and I ran across the designs from my Christmas mini book kit. I started working with them, I mostly just changed the colors. Here is a peek:

2011 calendar 1

I chose to use lots of bright, fun colors and combinations. I’m happy with the way it turned out and just might have to print one for myself.

2011 calendar 2
2011 calendar 3
2011 calendar 4
2011 calendar 5
2011 calendar 6

Can you see how it is perforated? After my Mom is done with the month, she can tear off the top, fold it in half and use it as a card. I also included some envelopes for her. If I make a calendar next year I think I will make them perforated. I thought it was such a genius idea that I came up with until I started looking around online and I realized other people have already done it. I guess there really is nothing new under the sun!

Since I will be making another just like it for myself, I thought I would also make one for a giveaway. Just leave me a comment and I will enter you in for a drawing to win one of these calendars. I will post the winner next Monday so you have until Sunday night, January 9th to enter. Good luck!!