Inspiration: Strolling Through Anthropologie

Last week Jason and I were in Florida with Jason’s parents. I had never been there before so everything was new to me. We had such a good time even though the weather wasn’t quite as warm as we hoped. We were staying in the Fort Myers/Napels area and we found ourselves surrounded by shops. Every where we looked there was shopping. It’s sort of a dream come true for a girl like me :)

One of the places I knew I had to visit was Anthropologie. Since every store is different, I like to see what they look like. So far, I have been to the Anthro in Seattle (WA), Portland (OR), 2 different ones in Atlanta (GA), and now the one in Napels. My goal is to get to the huge one in NYC. While browsing through the Napels store, I snapped a few pictures of some cool things I think could be DIY-ed. Ready? Here goes…

lampshade anthro

I was totally in love with this lampshade. It looked like a bunch of snippets of a dictionary had be decoupaged onto its frame. I totally think this could be done inexpensively at home. Find an old dictionary and lampshade at a thrift store, decoupage it. Done! I already have an old dictionary. Now I am on the hunt for a cool old shade. Or, you could just buy it from Anthro. The lampshade and lamp are a set for $388. See it here.

Next up and in the same category as before is this awesome chandelier:

anthro chandelier

This one would take a bit more doing. Again, I think if you found an ungly chandelier at a thrift store (I see them all the time) you could just make some flowers and decoupage the whole thing with book pages (they used pages from an encyclopedia). I’m thinking this could take a while but it would be so worth it! At Anthro, this chandelier would cost you $998. It might be worth trying this for yourself if it’s a must have :)

Not only did I love some of their products, I was also in love with some of their displays. This paper thing caught my eye:

anthro paper display 1

anthro paper display 2

Cool huh?! Book pages, tissue paper, and lots of other kinds were sewn together, threaded through with a string, and then hung from the ceiling. I’m not sure where I would put it, but I thought it was amazing!

Now peek through the above pictures and check out the green wall behind the paper thingy… Do you see it? I loved the wall pattern and texture it brought. I also snapped a picture of it up close:

anthro wall

It’s just a diamond pattern that is not supposed to be perfect. Just grab your paint, a diamond shaped sponge or foam stamp and stamp it on without even measuring and I think you could have a wall like this. I’m trying to think of a place I could try this out at my house.

So that was my Anthro shopping experience in Florida. Have you come across anything really great lately while shopping? I can’t possibly be the only one that is on the lookout for ways I can DIY something am I? If you’ve seen something super cool, I want to know about it!