Drawing On The Table

I have drawn on the walls in my house (here and here, what is next? Drawing on the table of course!

On this site I saw an awesome idea where she took kraft paper and made placemats and drew a place setting on them. I thought it was so cute so for dinner with my family I made something similar:

table drawing 1

I used a roll of kraft packaging paper that I bought at Walmart in the shipping supplies section and rolled it out onto the table, taping each end down. Then I took out my black sharpie marker and drew place settings. As you can see, I’m not the best artist and I wasn’t being very particular:

table drawing

Feel free to laugh, that fork is wonky! I don’t think that my lack of drawing skills makes it any less cute though. It’s especially great with kids because you also have a table cloth that you can throw away when you are done eating.

Happy drawing!