Don’t Cost A Dime: Peacock Pillow

I have been really into peacocks lately. Pictures of peacocks, peacock feathers, the color peacock. Anything and everything related to the bird. I know this is a phase but I had to have something in my house that was a peacock. Here is what I came up with…

peacock pillow 1

I started off with some material I had on hand. Then, I found an image online that I liked and printed it out. Next I traced it onto contact paper and cut it out. Then I placed my new stencil on my fabric and painted it with gold craft paint. After it dried, I made it into a pillow.

peacock pillow 2

It turned out pretty good and now I have all sorts of ideas for things I want to stencil. Can you have too many stenciled items in your home?! If this happens and you think I have too many, please tell me. I wouldn’t want to be the last to know!